Google adwords can be confusing at time especially when you don’t know how many keywords or ads you should create, let alone what to do with keywords and ads that just don’t perform. Take a look at the default values

* 25 campaigns
* 2000 ad groups per campaign
* 2000 keywords per ad group
* 50 ads per ad group (any format)
* About 50,000 keywords per account

But sometimes less is more.

AdWordsPro Sarah, a Google Employee since 2008 gives some decent advice on what/when to delete.
“The historical performance of paused or deleted ads and keywords will continue to affect your account history. However, we still recommend deleting poorly performing ads and keywords to improve Quality Score. This will prevent the ads and keywords from performing poorly in the future and further affecting your account history. As the rest of your account accrues more performance history over time, the impact that the deleted ads and keywords have on your Quality Score will diminish”

Petebardo, a Top Contributor on the forum tells us to use between 3 and 5 ads. I prefer to use my top 2 but am always open to suggestions on how to improve my campaigns, especially when it comes from experts like these.
“You can have 50 ads per ad group. However, I recommend testing about 3 to 5 ads per ad group. Too many ads will not give you sufficient data, as impressions will be spread thin. Also, you may want to opt your campaign Ad Delivery settings into ‘Rotate’ instead of ‘Optimize’ so that you can get cleaner data.”