The IBM company are touring Ireland with their Road show called ‘Smarter Planet’/ One of the presenters at the road show is Wayne Leone. He is a Cloud lab service manager at IBM spoke first and the title of his presentation was’ Cloud Computing: Today and Tomorrow’. He gave a brief overview of cloud computing (CC) and explained that CC was not some new revolutionary in the internet usage but rather something that evolved over years. He explained that IBM were holding back on developing CC to see the mistakes their competitors were making, learning by them and then developing a strategy for selling CC using best practices. IBM will now sell you a secure CC systems that can be stand alone servers or virtual servers that IBM will host themselves. They have developed five different types of CC’s, the private cloud, the shared managed private cloud, the hosted private cloud, the shared cloud and finally the public cloud,. Wayne noted that IBM is focusing on two things, security and cost reduction. Since a normal servers Central processing Unit (CPU) hovers around 15% that means 85% of the time the CPU is ideal and being wasted. What CC can do is allocated the other 85% to other servers or rather set the 15% at as a baseline and increased as an when needed. This of course means cheaper costs and. The whole CC process becomes automated which means a reduction in costs, IBMs reckons is 80% less on labor and 90% less on hardware costs . If these savings are true than I believe lots of companies will be using their services.